The Hope of the Future [Attn: Bella]

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Re: The Hope of the Future [Attn: Bella]

Post by Andy » February 20th, 2017, 5:00 pm

“Older,” he chuckled, “I think there will be surprised people if I don’t turn old before I get that far” he smiled and rubbed his chin slightly, a mixture of amusement and sadness at that being an actual potential future.

Still, there was little achieved by being negative and assuming that it would turn out that way. Of all the things he had learned so far that shift in mentality had been the most important. He thought that he would always have that childish streak but then he saw its occasional downfalls as being worth the price. He’d much rather be up and down that gruff stone all of the time, he couldn’t see how that was truly living but he had never really asked them if it were an act or not.

Never dared, some things require too much guts with not enough reward. Bit like Sheathing the Sword. Should never do it just for the same of it he thought.

Still, she had been patient and polite and had answered all of the questions he had had, for that he was extremely grateful. Perhaps more than she might suspect and certainly more than he had thought he would appreciate at the beginning of their conversation. He thought that he saw some light for his future, should he be lucky enough. Certainly Lysira seemed no worse for wear at having gone through it herself and he saw no bitterness like he saw with others.

“But you are right, of course. No sense expecting to be trusted when you haven’t shown much that it would be a good idea to trust you,” he tilted his head sideways slightly, “swinging a blade isn’t all there is after all. Though it can be quite fun”

“I had hoped that you would say it was the person, not because I think it’ll happen any time soon but because I’d rather do something because I wanted, because I cared enough. Rather than do it because it seems a decent idea and the right thing to do. Much like the work here, wouldn’t you say?”

He cast his gaze across the way and saw them playing, he could see himself defending them if needed, much like he might defend a channelled. However he was not their father, nor any true relative. There was not the intensity of connection that made it a true bond, like the Warder Bond. That was the way he saw it right then, maybe it might change over time he conceded.

“I fear, though, that I have done naught but ask you questions and make you work even in your time off, I apologise Lysira Gaidin,” he shook his head slightly at his own selfishness, she no doubt didn’t see it that way but he had taken her time without recompense, “if there is anything you might need a Drin to do for you in future please feel free to use up my time as I have used up yours. I would be more than happy to do so”

“Perhaps, when I am ready, I might seek you out for some instruction with the bow? It is a weapon I have no experience in and I’d rather learn all of my skills from the best at the Grey Tower. Maybe, in time, I will be cast as a success,” he stated simply, there were the beginnings of hope instead of anger within him these days, it could happen, “please don’t let me take up any more of your time. I’m sure you have more important tasks”

“May you both find favour under the Light” he bowed with more respect for her than when he started with and excused himself to disappear somewhere quiet and think about what had been revealed to him and how it might have revealed himself to himself at the same time.
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