What Anyone Deserves (fanfic)

Mar a'Mael: The House of Hope. A place of learning and service for the citizens of Hama Valon. Three buildings - the Museum, the University, and the House of Children - make up the House of Hope.
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What Anyone Deserves (fanfic)

Post by Leala » March 9th, 2016, 4:27 am

Torianin strode toward the Mar a'Mael, books in hand, her hair pulled into a braid that went over her shoulder. A very apt young girl was always fussing with it. She was going to tutor the girl in math that day, and she wanted to come a little early. She had quite been enjoying the atmosphere of this place, and helping others made her feel wonderful. It wasn't just that she felt needed, but she felt like she was making a difference in their lives.

Blinking, she was pushed to the side by a woman a little taller than she with dark hair. She turned around and said, "Excuse me." She did not add a tone of frustration to it, and she said it evenly, with manners and dignity. The other woman turned to her, her dark eyes blaring with fire behind them. She wore a deep green dress of silk with pearls around the neckline. She was not an Aes Sedai, and she could not channel. She was a few years older than Torianin, and as the woman began to gear up to wail her frustrations, the Accepted was happy to find that she was not ruffled herself. She held herself straight and kept eye contact. She had tilted eyes and a hooked nose.

"Do you think I wanted to do that?"

"No, that is why I asked you to excuse me," Torianin answered.

"Do you think I wanted to drop her off at this place?!" the other woman demanded. Torianin realized that the woman was going to have this conversation whether or not Torianin was an active participant. "Her father would have none of it!" There was a tremble in her strong voice. "I can yell all I want, but he never listens! A boy. He wanted a first born boy. I had to do this, so that..." With tears in her eyes, she shook her head furiously and stalked away.

Torianin strode a little faster, concentrating on the glide that Aes Sedai were so good at doing. As she walked into the building, she greeted Ceta and heard what she had been expecting. A little girl was crying for her mother. Walking down the hallway, she saw a group of women around the girl who refused to cooperate even a little. She demanded to know why she was there, and where her mother was. Torianin ducked out of the room and remembered everything from her encounter with the woman.

She embraced Saidar and began to channel.

"Hello, Accepted!" a young boy said with a bright smile. She shushed him with a smile. He nodded and had those around him do the same. For this weave to work, it had to be convincing. She walked into a washroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

Starting with a blanket of Spirit, she laid it over herself, from head to foot. Making a net of Fire and Air, she added that, making the figure a little taller than herself. She added Water and Earth to the weave, making adjustments as she went to make the deep green silken dress with its pearls at the neck. Her orange hair was now nearly black, and she changed her face to match the slanted eyes and long, hooked nose. She colored her eyes the deep brown, then began to work on the voice, making a cylinder of Spirit. The other woman's voice was a little lower than hers. She practiced until she found the right weave, then tried her hand at the accent. It was close, but not perfect. The poor girl was so distraught, though, and very young, likely not even three years old yet.

Satisfied with her work, she walked back into the hallway, doing her best to imitate the woman's gait without stalking. She walked into the room where the girl was still crying. She leaned over to one of the caretakers and asked the girl's name before she could see her. With that in mind, she walked forward. "There's my little Kyrine..." she cooed, picking up the little girl, setting her on her hip. Torianin's hip was a little lower than her mothers, but not by much. "What's the matter?" she asked patiently.

"I miss...mommy..." she said in between sobs. "Don't want...stay...want go home!" she explained.

"Now, Kyrine," Torianin said, getting the little one's attention, "your mommy wants you to be a big girl. Can you do that?"

Kyrine sniffled a little and nodded.

"Good, good. Mommy wants you to be happy, and she knows that you'll be happy here. See how nice these ladies are?" she asked, moving her arm to indicate the caretakers, who all put on their biggest smiles for the girl. She nodded. "They'll take good care of you and play with you. You'll be happy here with them."

"But, I miss Mommy..." the girl said with tears in her eyes, throwing her arms around Torianin's waist.

"Mommy will miss you too, but she knows you'll have good mommies here too." She let that statement stand and waited for the girl's response as she stroked the head of curly brown hair. "Would you like to meet one?"

An older woman stepped forward and showed Kyrine a doll with black ringlets for hair. The little girl looked up and brightened up at the doll, holding her arms out. The caretaker took her in arms, and Torianin moved to the girl again. "Now, can you be a good girl here?" she asked. Kyrine nodded. "Good. Mommy loves you," she said, knowing it was the truth. The girl was thoroughly distracted with her new toy, but waved as Torianin left the room.

Once she was out of sight, she dispersed the weave and took a deep, calming breath. Another caretaker thanked her, telling her that the mother had dropped the girl off and never told her anything. She just teared up and left. Torianin could relate to the other woman. She had once been in an impossible situation too. She hoped that one day she could come back for the little one.

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