Thinking in the Drizzle, Musings of a new Soldier (attn: Anyone)

Welcome to the Gardens: one of the most tranquil areas of the Tower Grounds.
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Welcome to the Gardens: one of the most tranquil areas of the Tower Grounds. Birds sing in the trees which line the wide paths between beautiful flower beds and serene lakes. There are benches to sit and listen to the waterfall, and there is neatly trimmed grass to lie on and rest. Novices and Soldiers as well as Warders in Training can be seen, sweeping the stone paths as Accepted and Dedicated study from books and relax under leafy trees.
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Re: Thinking in the Drizzle, Musings of a new Soldier (attn: Anyone)

Post by Alex Tanner » March 26th, 2022, 3:18 pm

The tone of voice surprised him, this conversation had not only been the longest conversation that he had held with any fully raised member of the Tower it had also been one of the most cordial and dare he say friendly. His eyes flickered down and saw the pendant he had once been so proud to wear openly, once again shown for all to see Light damned thing, he thought to himself.

He straightened hoping to head off having to fully explain to an Aes Sedai his involvement with the Children when he heard the remainder of what the woman said. So, as he straightened, he no longer looked at her with the eyes of a Solider of the Tower, for a heartbeat he was who he used to be, before he buried it again.

He slipped the pendant over his head and held the piece of gold in one hand, so the image was easy to see "The Children have authority wherever the Light is, and where the Light is not, we bring it" he said the words that he had spoken hundreds, if not thousands of times before, glancing up he met the woman’s eyes. “I believed in those words for so many years, and in some way, I still do, as indeed I believe in this” he raised the pendant slightly “But I am well aware being what I am” he gestured to the black soldier’s coat he wore “I can never be who I was again, nor should I be.”

“I donned the Red Shepard’s Crook wholeheartedly believing in the cause, until I saw firsthand that the Shadow can turn those who should have the brightest souls, and what they are capable of. Is it wrong to believe in the cause of something, if not the execution of something?” He wrapped the chain around the pendant and slipped it into this pocket “No I never met Commander Arkema Aes Sedai, I only knew of him by reputation.”

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Re: Thinking in the Drizzle, Musings of a new Soldier (attn: Anyone)

Post by Bella » April 1st, 2022, 12:22 am

The chill continued to wrap around her heart as she listened to him, and yet... Some of what he said could break through, and a little of it did, even if it brought back so many memories. Some of them bittersweet, for there were times that were not wrapped in 'business' and were just family, friends, and she remembered those times warmly.

Until she remembered the rest.

"It is not wrong to believe in the cause of the Light, and of bringing it to where it is needed," she said. "That is what the Grey Tower does, despite what we were raised to believe."

She purposefully used the "we." It was not exactly seemly for an Aes Sedai to share much with a Soldier, but to know what he had been brought a strong desire in her to show him the truth of this place. Hopefully more easily than it came to her. "My name is Isla Arkema, only child of Commander Arjun Arkema and his late wife Ivette. Raised as the son he did not have. I fought alongside my father and his men until..." Isla raised her hand to gesture around herself as if to say, You can see.

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