Thinking in the Drizzle, Musings of a new Soldier (attn: Anyone)

Welcome to the Gardens: one of the most tranquil areas of the Tower Grounds.
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Welcome to the Gardens: one of the most tranquil areas of the Tower Grounds. Birds sing in the trees which line the wide paths between beautiful flower beds and serene lakes. There are benches to sit and listen to the waterfall, and there is neatly trimmed grass to lie on and rest. Novices and Soldiers as well as Warders in Training can be seen, sweeping the stone paths as Accepted and Dedicated study from books and relax under leafy trees.
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Thinking in the Drizzle, Musings of a new Soldier (attn: Anyone)

Post by Alex Tanner » September 25th, 2021, 3:44 pm

The Gardens of the Tower were probably Andrin’s favorite place, even with the ever so slight drizzle that seemed to be hanging in the air, it was a place he could wander to get away from, well, everyone. He had only been at the Tower for a few weeks, but time had seemed to slow to a crawl, he hated it. He had come to the Tower of his own volition when he had learned of what he was but being here was a contradiction to everything that he had sworn his life to, not only as a member of the Children of the Light, but as an anointed officer in the Hand of the Light, the people who were now his superiors and teachers were supposed to be his sworn enemy.

He took a step off the path into the small, secluded thicket that he had found on one of his first wanderings of the Gardens, he liked it here it was quiet, he hadn’t come across anyone else using the spot and he was able to relax away from the sight of other channelers. He leaned against the trunk of the nearest tree and breathed deeply of the crisp, damp air, trying to find his place amongst the learning ranks of the tower was no easy task, and the less he thought about the fact that he could be assigned chores, let along expected to do them, would only do to keep his calm.

He recalled a conversation he’d had with an Aes Sedai and an Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah, he still had to remind himself not to call them witches or worse, certainly not within their hearing at least, he had been informed that he had a block of some kind, something within his mind was stopping him from channeling at will. He snorted in amusement, the one thing he did not want to do was channel, but it was the one thing that he needed to know how to do, yet it was the one thing his mind would not let him do. If he was being brutally honest with himself, however, the searing torrent of molten steel, lighting and fire of saidin was as intoxicating as it was terrifying.

He reached into the top of his shirt under his unbuttoned black Soldier’s coat and pulled out the pendant he always wore, the Golden Sun with its Red Shepard’s crook gleamed in the faint sun, the soft rain leaving droplets on its gold surface, forcing Andrin to think of, not simpler times, but times when he was more certain of his path.

The snap of a twig behind him caused him to quickly tuck the amulet back into his shirt, he had no time to button his coat, but he prayed to the Light that no one had seen the insignia on the pendent, that would attract far more questions than he was prepared to answer. So, he turned and called out in a clear strong voice, tinged with his Illianer accent that only made an appearance when he was startled or angry, that he hoped did not reveal his surprise.

“Is there someone there?”

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Re: Thinking in the Drizzle, Musings of a new Soldier (attn: Anyone)

Post by Bella » October 14th, 2021, 11:59 pm

Isla Sedai had been out for a walk that was half-pleasure and half-duty. Although the gardens here were well planted and well tended, with an abundance of flowers, herbs and other plants that were useful to her Ajah, there was also a variety of wild plants that grew in certain areas of the gardens that were beneficial and couldn't seem to be tamed and domesticated.

That's what had brought her out today, a small basket over her arm with a small shearing nice for the wild fungi she was looking for. The slight dampness to the air felt good to her, but she always liked the outdoors. Being shut up in the infirmary for duty so often made her appreciate this all the more.

What she hadn't expected was another person.

Her pale eyes immediately snapped in the direction of the voice, stepping around the broad tree trunk she had been behind to see a man wearing the coat of a soldier. "Yes," she said, her own national accent long go by now and replaced by the slightly aloof tinge of the Aes Sedai. Her next words were a bit less cold than those who'd been at her rank longer than she, however. "I did not mean to disturb you."

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