Hall of Sitters: Code of Conduct

This forum is available to anyone to read & participate, regardless of rank. Further concerns or topics are welcome to contact flame.and.fang@gmail.com.
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Hall of Sitters: Code of Conduct

Post by Bella » December 8th, 2015, 7:01 pm

The Hall of Sitters is an Out of Character forum for members of the Tower to meet and discuss relevant issues for our writing community. All are welcome to participate in these discussions, but it is the members of the triumvirate--the Amyrlin Seat, the M'hael, and the Master/Mistress of Arms--that begins new topics and moderates the discussions.

For those who choose to participate in conversations, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines and keep some things in mind:

1) The Internet is permanent. What we write lasts far longer than our temporary assumptions or emotions in the heat of the moment. Text is also a very ambiguous medium – it's easy to infer tone, respond to it, and then set off a chain of events that upsets the whole community.

2) Take the urgency out of responding to something emotionally charged. Better to stop, sleep on it, and get third-party advice before diving in. Remember to approach the moderator if you should feel slighted, upset, or angry, to avoid escalating it any further. Moderators are happy to mediate between parties and clear up miscommunication in the effort to prevent negative chain reactions. It also saves them from having to moderate you!

3) If you are upset and considering posting, take your emotion out of it and post only if you are adding new content to move the discussion forward. This is the place for constructive discussion, so let's keep it progressive and forward-moving.

4) And if a discussion truly gets out of hand, the moderator may bar you from the Hall of Sitters for the remainder of the discussion, though you still will be allowed to vote. (Please don't make us do this. We don't enjoy it.)

5) Entire discussions can also be ended if they are becoming too heated, though moderators will avoid doing so unless it cannot be at all avoided, preferring to find solutions that the majority can agree to.

6) If you have acted out of line before by violating the rules of the community, the triumvirate reserves the right to also ban you from the site. (We really don't like doing this.)

7) If you're ever not sure if you should post something, then talk to the moderator. And if you have a qualm about the moderator, or they are not available, talk to one of their peers for advice and mediation. (There are two other members of the triumvirate available to you, and if you are uncomfortable with that or they are unavailable, speak to another member of the administration.)

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