Shadows in the Library

The everyday life of the inhabitants of the Grey Tower. This board is for general daily roleplay around the Tower, in the corridors, rooms and halls that make up most of the building.
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Shadows in the Library

Post by Alex Tanner » October 12th, 2021, 12:44 pm

Andrin put the book back where it belonged, a seven-hundred-year-old treatise on the political interactions between Illian and Altara, according to the Grey Ajah Sister who had assigned him the task it was one of the definitive texts on the political interactions between the two nations. However, Andrin through it was a particularly dry read and not overly accurate to the modern political theatre, but he had found that the book made an excellent doorstop if one wanted to keep a door open to let a breeze in.

He had been at the Tower for some weeks now and, certainly surprising to himself, he had slowly started to acclimatise to his new life, he still resented that he could be given chores, such as the duty that he currently performed. He secretly yearned for the life that he had once had, and he had struggled to develop any real friendships among the others of his own rank at the Tower, preferring his own solitude, although there had been one or two stand outs.

He almost smiled fondly, before he caught himself, he shook his head and placed the remaining books back on the shelf, just as he was turning to take the car back to the main section of the library he saw something out of the corner of his eye, a shadowy figure moving quickly down the opposite isle, he blinked and it was gone.

What in the blazing hells is that? he wondered to himself, he strode purposefully to the end of the isle and looked left in the direction the shadowy figure had gone, he wasn’t afraid, afterall he was in a tower full of channelers and their heavily armed dangerous watch dogs, but he was curious, this was not normal behaviour, even in this strange place.

He got to the end of the isle and noticed that the figure had gone into one of the reading rooms, no one was really supposed to be here at this hour, although he supposed that there was no reason for a Asha’man or Aes Sedai to not be here, they had no curfew.

So absorbed in his musings he didn’t hear the voice speak behind him.

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