Well, i've been lazy. Time to put my RPing pants on!

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Well, i've been lazy. Time to put my RPing pants on!

Post by Dan » October 3rd, 2022, 3:49 am

Made a character a while back, but my thoughts have been scrambled with all the creative projects i have had going. Started a campaign on another site (D&D pbp style) and it's taken a lot of time, but so very rewarding. Still have a fair bit of projects i am working on, but i am loving RPing as of late, so why not get started fully here too!

My new character is more or less a blank slate. I have very little preconceived notions on the character i want to develop. In the past, i made characters with a firm line in my head, and frankly, it was not as rewarding as it could have been. I want this new incarnation of mine for the Grey Tower to have no baggage from my past characters. New me, new beginning. My past in this community doesn't exist. So who wants to RP with a new Novice?

My girl is called Senarah, and she once worked at an inn. The rest, will be new history.

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