Battleweaves [attn; Bella]

When channelers need to channel and don't want to risk breaking the Tower into a million pieces, this is where they go.
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Battleweaves [attn; Bella]

Post by Avyra » March 16th, 2017, 12:27 pm

Avyra had taught a few lessons in illusion, but none in the art of battleweaves. Maybe it was because she had picked up most of her tricks by trial and error, mostly error, and refined them.

So when she got the request, she almost gagged with shock. Why not learn from a real Green? Why want to learn from someone like herself? Her student would probably never take her seriously anyway. She didn't look like someone who'd want to fight.

But she had faced many monsters. Seanchan. Assassins. To'raken. Trollocs. More than most other Accepted. Maybe that was the reason.

But she didn't know. All she knew was that she had agreed.

She sat on a bench in the Channeling Yards, skimming through a book, attempting to teach herself the conventional way. It was a fruitless effort. It felt wrong, in fact. She closed the text angrily, and chose to wait for her student in silence.

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