To Juggle the Source {fanfic}

When channelers need to channel and don't want to risk breaking the Tower into a million pieces, this is where they go.
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To Juggle the Source {fanfic}

Post by Felix » June 9th, 2016, 12:19 am

Felix Kal'Sarak
The days were getting longer as the seasons passed, the weather became oppressive in its heat and the clouds distant. A day unlike the others came, a day of rain and moisture in the air. A young man of Malkier descent and a denizen of the Grey Tower, a Dedicated stood in his uniform of black with a sword pin on his collar and his sword on his waist. The man stood in a corner of the Channeling Yards a place of wonder where all the myriad of Channelers at the Tower practiced their craft.

Felix had his mind on troubles in the world when he found his feet had taken him to the Channeling Yards. Most of the other members of the Tower were in class or personal study. He had the yards to himself, a large place empty devoid of it’s purpose.

He decided to practice his Battle Weaves, his greatest skills, his fascinations. He had practiced over the years and gotten better at handling multiple weaves, his skill was increasing.

His thoughts drifted to the cause of his drive to learn to handle more weaves. He had watched a gleeman in one of the taverns in Hama Valon juggle eight balls, the man started with two and just kept adding until he had made it too eight and had amazed the crowd at his skill and dexterity. The image of the man juggling so many balls had been seared into Felix’s mind. The image drove him to greater heights, he wanted to be able to handle multiple weaves. Many had tried but few succeeded, it took great will and practice to master the ability to even weave three weaves but Felix was trying for six weaves before he would pass his test to become Asha’man. He was inspired.

Rocks of all shapes and sizes littered the yard, holes were everywhere and other then the path way down the middle grass covered everything. Tufts of grass were burnt away from stray fire weaves. The whole place was unnatural in the destruction. Nature held no power in the Yard only the One Power.

Felix walked to the center of the Yard and formed Ko’di in his mind, He fed all of his worries and emotions into the fire in the center of the void. He needed absolute calm for the one true power. When his mind was clear and his emotions in check he seized Saidin. His body felt like molten lava and glacial ice flowed through his veins. His entire being fought the pull of the source, threatened with obliteration he held on and fought for control. The fight lasted mere seconds but felt like hours, the battle for control was always difficult but always won. The cost of defeat was death or burning out, both unacceptable results.

He took in his surroundings for anything that would get destroyed by his weaves. After a quick survey of the area he came to the realization that his first weave would have to be a barrier of air if he was to hold in the flames and destruction he was causing. The barrier would also stop any passersby from entering the devastation zone.

He found a spot of good distance from where he stood and drew out large cords of air from the source. He wove them into a wall that would make a castle maker proud. As the interweave of the Wall came together he pulled cords of Fire out of the source and split the cord of Air . He let more of Saidin flow through him as he put those cords next to each other and flowed the cords into spots on either side of himself. He braided those cords on either side and called lightning from the sky. The first drops of sweat beaded on his head. The exertion and concentration began to set in. He felt the weaves on the three sides of him and maintained the weaving.

He drew a thin thread of spirit and split it to form a shield, something he had practice fighting off. He made the weave as exact to a perfect shield as he could manage. His previous attempts were quick battle woven frayed shields. He held the weave at the ready to block someone from the source at a moment's notice.

Felix drew in more Saidin, as much as he could handle. His body ached, slightly but enough to warn him to draw not a trickle more or be burned out. He held the four weaves for a moment and concentrated on the exactness of each weave to make them perfect. There was no use in weaving multiple weaves if they were just going to blow up.

He split his cords of air and fire and formed his next weave a Fireball, a small ball of fire and air threads. He propelled the weave at his barrier in front of himself. He kept forming the ball and propelling it over and over as he controlled the other weaves.

He took a sweeping glance as he concentrated and noticed that a few Channelers stood at a safe distance watching him as he wove more and more weaves. There were even two Asha’man with their ageless faces and sword and dragon pins on their collars. None showed their emotions, he refocused on his weaves and formed another Fireball with threads he split from the first Fireball he wove the new ball and threw it at the wall.

Shock floated on the outside of the void as he realized he was actively wielding six weaves at once. They were all weaves he had experience with and he practiced often with but he still felt extreme joy at the accomplishment.

He took a brief look over to the two Asha’man, an Aes Sedai now stood next to the Asha’man with a green cord on him showing his membership of the Green Ajah. Worry floated outside the void, he had to stop channeling soon or he imagined they would stop him shortly. The three argued but kept their eyes on him as he wove the six weaves. He felt menace from the direction of the group and his arms started to tingle.

They were going to stop his channeling if he did not stop soon. The amount of Saidin must have been a beacon drawing more channelers.

He pushed them out of his mind and dropped the Lightning bolt weaves and started weaving Earth and Air to cause the ground to erupt on either side of him.

Felix felt the group pull in more of the source, his arms started numbing and his senses alighted from them. He released all the weaves and drew out two ribbons of Spirit, each razor sharp. He did not like to be controlled, he could handle himself and did not need them butting into his business

He coiled the ribbons around his arms like sleeping snakes but held them ready to cut any shield the group threw at him. Sweat dripped from him as he panted from the exertion of channeling so many weaves.

He stood looking at the small group and they at him as many of the onlookers clapped for him at his light show. He had impressed many of the other channelers and warders-to-be, some of the onlookers wiped visible sweat from their brows, they had been as worried as the group that watched him.

A minute passed and then the onlookers realized he was done with his show and started to dissipate. The small group of Asha’man and Aes Sedai stopped channeling and walked away, the Green Asha’man gave Felix a slight head nod in greeting before turning to leave the yards.

Felix released the spirit snakes and promptly sat down on the grass at his feet. He let out a breath he did not know he had held in. He had expected some sort of confrontation from the group.

He looked down at his hands and noticed they had been shaking slightly from the exertion of the exercise. A face splitting smile grew on his face as he finally realized that he had weaved and maintained six weaves at once. He had hit his goal. A light chuckle at the accomplishment drifted from between his lips as he got up and walked away in search of lunch.
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If anyone sees anything un-canon just PM me and I will fix. This fanfic is going towards the Dexterous Weaver mastery.
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