Mongrels, One and All [Attn: Anyone]

Mar a'Mael: The House of Hope. A place of learning and service for the citizens of Hama Valon. Three buildings - the Museum, the University, and the House of Children - make up the House of Hope.
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Mongrels, One and All [Attn: Anyone]

Post by Bella » March 25th, 2016, 8:20 pm

Natlya did not like this task. No, she most assuredly did not. It brought back too many memories that she had worked too hard to put behind her, and too hard to move forward away from.

"Hey! Stop!" she exclaimed for the third time. "Seriously, how hard is the idea that throwing potatoes is not the right choice?" She heard her own sarcasm and tried to scale it back. Really, if it weren't for the Accepted watching her as well as the kids, she probably just would have let the little brats cram root vegetables into each others' ears until they went deaf.

Spoiled mongrels, in this place. Where she had grown up, no one would have wasted food by throwing it like these kids were.

She didn't want to be here, but she was being forced to get used to the idea that she had very little say in what she did and where she went, because ever move was dictated and then observed. It was like living with a magnifying glass tied to her head. She had been told she'd be helping in the Mar siolan'an and so here she was. Sitting at the table, not eating but making sure the mongrels did.

And she wasn't allowed to be here or watch them without a middle rank being present. Right now it was an Accepted, whose name she didn't care to learn but who looked like a petulant horse, but Nat knew that at any moment it could become someone else, or even a full rank and then she'd really have to watch her tongue...
OOC: This is open to anyone who may be interested in taking over the shift and watching/helping Nat with meal time!

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