Wait. . .Who are you? [attn Sunny]

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Wait. . .Who are you? [attn Sunny]

Post by Roan » December 15th, 2017, 1:54 am

“You two know each other huh?” the man who sat behind the rather opulent desk grunted.

The woman cast a lazy glance to the man to her left, and smirked, “You could say that. We’ve worked together in the past.”

“And against each other. We work for the highest bidder. Sometimes that’s together, sometimes not. No hard feelings between us, though. We’re what you’d call professionals,” the man said.

The man stood a couple hands taller than the woman, but both had dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She bore an eye patch across her left eye, both wore black leather armor, and both wore swords on their hips. There was an underlying current running between them, but the man behind the desk seemed oblivious.

“Fine. Just make sure you do the job,” he grunted and tossed two bags of coin on the table. “There’s your first payment. The rest when you bring me the brothers’ three rings. I don’t care how you end them, just end them.”

Man and woman reached for their respective payment as the woman’s lips twitched into a slight smirk, “We’ll see it done by the end of the month.”

~~~ Later that night ~~~

Bits of armor and clothing were tossed about the small room as the orange glow from a fire offered the only light at the moment. As a last gasp of groans and moans came from both man and woman, she collapsed next to him, both tangled up in sheets, sweaty and out of breath.“Well someone’s learned a few new tricks,” she quipped as she rolled her head to look at him, not hiding her smirk.

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