Prelude to a Nightmare (Attn: Miahala Ives Sedai)

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Re: Prelude to a Nightmare (Attn: Miahala Ives Sedai)

Post by Jack » April 28th, 2016, 4:05 am

Trae tilted his head and murmured, “Yes, Revered Mother, it is all we can ever do.”

He was no stranger to the peculiarities of the Pattern. His presence here was a strong indicator of that very fact.

And so was his death.

“I knew my death would not come until I laid eyes on my Deranih for one final time,” he murmured. His face softened at the mention of the Aiel Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower. The woman who had been taken from him by a group of Aiel and from the Tower … a woman who had sent their daughter back to the Tower's embrace.

“A Seeker for Truth killed me in this very room the day I returned to the Tower to inform my liege lady, Amora en'Damier, then Amyrlin Seat, of a possible fate that awaited Jerid Walker,” Trae murmured. “My dear uncle had left me a painting of Deranih in this room, and it was but moments after I saw it that the Seeker struck.”

He smiled wistfully. He had not regretted his decision. The fate that awaited the Indigo Asha'man was avoided, the Seeker for Truth dead.

The man who was Trae Elien tilted his head and murmured, “Old Grimm has the ability to reach from beyond his breaking prison and touch the Pattern, Revered Mother, and snatch back those of his champions who are not burned from it.” He smiled slightly. “Why not then, would not the Creator in its infinite wisdom create a mechanism to counterbalance that and call back champions of the Light?”

For a man known to be prone to cutting through to the meat of things, it was a pretty high compliment.

But his eyes flashed before she could respond, and they turned milky white.

“Beware the one who shrouds herself in purple but bears the black mark in her heart,” Trae murmured. “She will be closer to the silver fox than any other save the grey mouse more ferocious than any lion, tiger or bear and their young cub. He will drive a knife into his heart after the Grey wolf who befriends them both falls. Shadows eternal will fall over the Grey Tower should the silver fox die, and the great Dragon shall be weakened.”

The stones on the board shifted then. Colors changed and the single fox-marked stone stood alone amid a sea of black stones.

His eyes cleared and Trae looked at Miahala. “You are the Amyrlin Seat of the Grey Tower. Your fate is tied to his. He stands above, below and beside you, as he will every Flame of Hama Valon so long as he lives.”

He paused and smiled.

“And Revered Mother, you are very much alive, very much human. Should you ever doubt yourself, look to the silver-haired fox. You will find that your path and his lie very much in the same direction.”
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Re: Prelude to a Nightmare (Attn: Miahala Ives Sedai)

Post by Bella » May 2nd, 2016, 10:05 pm

Words, words, words...

Miahala was not startled by the prophecy that came forth. She recognize the moment for what it was. Listened. Took it in. Wanted the Pattern to release her back into death at times. This was all so much. The fate of everything rested upon her shoulders and she didn't know if she could continue holding it forever.

"I take your words to heart," she said softly, looking at the board again and all the pieces that had changed. "All of them, and whatever I can do, I shall. You have my word."
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