Wanted: Whatever ya got

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Wanted: Whatever ya got

Post by Jack » June 15th, 2020, 3:01 am

So I have this shiny new character in young Master Malcym Ashe, freshly minted as a drin'far'ji (who will likely go by the name Mal shortly hereafter) that needs breaking in and tormenting by other characters.

He's hardheaded, but a good soldier who respects the chain of command ... well, most of the time. He tends to question stupid decisions

So ... he's a Wolfkin-to-be whose already had a few run-ins with the mysterious four-legged canines of Randland. Threads along those nature as he develops that understanding would be great, but I'm not limited to that.

He's a former Murandian soldier (Mayener by birth) who desperately clings to the ideal that the nation of his childhood/raising is in fact a true nation rather than just a patch of squabbling lordlings paying lip service to a king and living under the shadow of Andor's great might. He came to the Tower escorting a legacy Asha'man (the good Master Walker) home so that he might die in semi-peace. Our brave and foolish Master Ashe decided that it was his duty to run interference when mercenaries caught up outside the city walls and nearly died ... so we all know he'll be loyal to his mission to protect

Mal will also be looking for training in one of a few weapons in his time as a trainee, preferably the bow or the dagger. (Already plan on a fic explaining his decent ... i.e. "I won't chop my foot off" skill with a sword.)

Mal also happens to have a family whose mother, sister, half-brother and stepfather are all alive. Father is unknown to him and dead (trust me ... burnt to a crisp). He's amicable chap with some spirited nature who loves discussing everything from history to tactics. A straightforward demeanor, lets people know where they stand.

Vices: Drinking (when he knows he has nothing to do) and gambling, which he is really ... really bad at doing. Man can't tell he's got a good thing going in cards when he's holding a full consortium. Oh, and yeah, he tells people where they stand with him. Pretty much a person who doesn't like to lie.

So yeah, open for anything with this rascal.
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