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The World outside the Grey Tower is a vast place.
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Boom Boom Pow [Locke <3]

Post by Matty » July 30th, 2020, 11:28 am

Nathaniel Carridus, Awesome Asha'man of the Blue Ajah Nate hadn't expected the invitation from the Green Ajah, but he was nonetheless pleased and a little flattered when he was approached on the Training grounds by a couple of Aes Sedai he was friendly with in the Green. There was a big push to regain a footing in the north of Saldaea that had been lost to trollocs previously - they wanted to buy enough time to shore up some defences in the area, which was lost to the encroaching Blight, then fall back and do something more robust on safer territory.

The reason they wanted Nate to come along was that this area had lots of valleys and streaks in the land, thanks to some creative Earth weaves. They wanted to floor the dips with water in order to keep the trollocs at bay and pin them in to be beaten up by the Greens. Nate's weather work could help with that.

"It's not a quick process," Nate warned them, "changing the weather patterns, and not when we're so close to the Blight either. I won't be able to do it on my own."

As it so happened there would be a small Circle involved - there were others who could manipulate the weather, but they wanted someone outside their Ajah to lead the Circle for some political reason Nate didn't care for. That was fine, Nate wasn't going to complain if it meant he could do something interesting. Flood the land, then swoop in and blow up some trollocs. It was a good time, especially as he would be calling all the clouds for plenty of thunderstorms. Trollocs hated running water, but they hated being burned to a crisp even more.

So off the man went in his best uniform, feeling like a bit of a special guest for the many Greens who were camping in the area. They had a small site on a hill with tents and cookpots and rudimentary defences, and that was where they Gated to. A group of them would head a mile up the Blight to a hill there, Circle up, and summon the rain. Then they would return, nap, and wait for the sky to do its thing. Nate was rather looking forward to it, and he ducked into the planning tent to get a look at the map and see who else would be going along with him. The tent was rather packed, and Nate's hulking figure did little to help with that, especially when he had his hammer strapped to his back, but he carefully made his way to the table with the map.

And across from him was a friendly face he hadn't seen for a while. "Hey! Alric, how's it goin'?" he asked with a broad grin. It was good to see the man, who he had pegged as a Green since he knew him. Like the Reds, it was a path Nate could see himself go down in another life, as evidenced by his being there he supposed. "You comin' to help this Circle, summon a bit of a storm? You don't need to know how to do it if I'm leading it... which I am." He wouldn't strike himself with lightning either, being much more adept with his Talent than he used to be.
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